About Us

Ellenbrook Area Residents Association is a local group representing residents in the Ellenbrook and Nast Hyde area on the western edge of Hatfield.

We aim to encourage interest in local affairs and build community links. We work on behalf of all residents to promote their interests on matters which affect quality of life in the area.

We do this through local reps, emails, and meetings.  We engage with local political representatives and council officials at all levels, as well as other resident’s associations, local businesses, and landowners.

All local residents are invited to join EARA, and all are very welcome to get involved in our work. We are independent and are funded by local donations. We have no party-political affiliations.

Please contact us on:  info@ellenbrookresidents.org

Our Constitution:

File name : The-EARA-Constitution-V2.0.pdf

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