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Quarry Update

Hertfordshire County Council

DCC meeting. Hatfield Quarry application

The next scheduled meeting of the committee is on the 24th September.

We are still monitoring the Quarry application and preparing for the planning meeting as and when it happens. We have arranged an expert in hydrology to assist us fighting the application and his report should be with the planners if not already then very shortly. The funds you residents kindly contributed to the EARA fund recently have greatly assisted in our payment for this service, so thank you all again for this. We have submitted two more objections from the EARA in relation to flooding of the area adjacent to the quarry site and the loss of greenbelt and how the pandemic has emphasised the absolute need for such open green spaces.

Bird watching in Ellenbrook Fields….see LOCAL ISSUES

Ellenbrook Area Residents Association covers 15 streets within the local area.
Ashbury Close, Bramble Road,  Brookside,  Crossbrook,  Ellenbrook Crescent,  Ellenbrook Lane,  Haltside,  Poplars Avenue,  Poplars Close,  Selwyn Ave,  Selwyn Crescent,  Selwyn Drive,
St Albans Road West, The Sidings and Wilkins Green Lane.

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