The Playground

The playground may open on the 7th February – confirm ASAP.

The barrier fence will come down in a couple of weeks and the playground as it is will be open for use, as the grass and surfaces are now ok to be walked upon etc. 

The remaining equipment (everything we’ve asked for) will be installed at the end of September/October after the school holidays, due to the contractors inability to do the install before then. It fits in with the actual multi-play construction timescales so seems the most sensible option.

I believe HTC have agreed to re-do the entrance, as it needs a more accessible gap for wheelchair users and push chairs. The design will, I am assured be similar and compliment the ‘gate’ you have on NHH. But I must remind you it is not a matter of security, it is purely aesthetics!

The multiplay is coming out on 20th March & the base is being removed by Cemex on 21st March.  The area will then be prepared by the groundstaff ready for the disability swing to go in on 23 April.

From 20th March the play area will have to be closed on health & safety grounds and also for the new grass seed to take effect from 21st March.

We are putting up the herras fencing from 20th March & our own banner saying that the play area is closed.