Hatfield Aerodrome, the Quarry and the Plume

Hatfield Aerodrome, the quarry and the plume


Land for the early​​ Hatfield​​ Aerodrome​​ was brought by​​ De Havilland in​​ the 1930s.​​ During WW2​​ the Mosquito fighter bomber​​ was made​​ here​​ in its factories.


Later​​ the airfield became part of​​ Hawker Sidley and then​​ passed to​​ BAe,​​ who​​ ceased aircraft production in 1993.

The airfield closed,​​ but​​ for a brief period became a​​ film​​ set​​ for​​ Saving Private Ryan and​​ TV series Band of Brothers.

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The developers brought the​​ 400-acre​​ site,​​ and part of it​​ became​​ the​​ Hatfield Business Development.​​ Hertfordshire University was built​​ here.

A green belt,​​ called Ellenbrook​​ Fields was proposed​​ as a gap​​ between Hatfield and St Albans.

A mineral​​ plan was also part of​​ the old airfield to the​​ west​​ of the site.


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An early preferred area taking the whole of Ellenbrook fields

The​​ new​​ site​​ now​​ moved away from bromate plume


The site was part of an allocated Preferred Area in the​​ 2007 Minerals Local Plan.

*​​ ​​ February​​ 2016,​​ Brett Aggregates​​ applied for a quarry, and the application​​ (5/0394-16)​​ was​​ heard on the​​ 25th​​ January 2017 subject to​​ 5​​ provisions, one​​ of these provisions included a​​ deed of variation between​​ the land owners​​ (Arlington)​​ and​​ all the​​ various​​ Councils.


*​​ A public exhibition​​ held on​​ Friday 28th October 2015


Planning permission was granted in December 2000​​ for a mixed use development. The Section 106​​ agreement forming part of​​ the planning permission​​ provided for the creation of a country park on the land​​ to the west of Ellenbrook. The agreement was​​ guided​​ by the Hatfield Aerodrome Supplementary Planning​​ Guidance document adopted by Welwyn Hatfield​​ Borough Council in​​ November 1999.

The​​ establishment of the country park has not been​​ carried out but remains a requirement of the original​​ Section 106​​ agreement and is still enforceable.

Consultation Draft Mineral Plan 2017​​ Spatial Planning and Economy Unit


“The deed of variation​​ had​​ not been completed​​ within​​ 1 year​​ and the matter​​ must​​ be​​ referred​​ to the committee​​ (DCC)​​ for a decision on how to proceed.​​ Therefore,​​ planning permission​​ has not been granted”

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