Pathway between Bramble Road & St Albans Road West

We think the wall fell down in February 2020 and EARA have been trying to get the debris removed – it is on private land.

One of the many emails to Welwyn Hatfield Council:

Subject: Pathway between Bramble Road and St Albans Road West, Ellenbrook, Hatfield
 Landscape and Ecology Manager – Ann MacDonald

Dear Ann, 

I have been advised to contact you as someone who may be able to assist us, if not point us in the right direction.
We have an issue with a blocked pathway between Bramble Road and St Albans Road West, it seems to have been closed by ‘the council’ (not sure who) as a wall separating the path from some garages has fallen down and blocked the footway. It seems this wall is owned by a leaseholder who we are also contacting. This has been going on for months now and splits Bramble Road from the rest of our community, preventing people easily walking down to the Ellenbrook Park, Ellenbrook Fields or Alban way, access the bus stops etc they have to make a lengthy detour.
The pathway we understand may be WHBC responsibility, despite the wall not being so. We have been very patient and feel it is now time that someone took action, firstly to clear the danger and re-open the pathway and then seek the costs from the leaseholder. We are aware of similar incidents of blockages such as overgrown hedges where the council has threatened the owner that should they not do it you will and charge them for the service.
To be clear the path runs from Bramble Road, between No’s 17 – 19, to St Albans Road West, Ellenbrook, Hatfield.
Please will you action this, it is not a lengthy or complicated task, but will be a great benefit to the local residents and a huge relief, this has stressed a number of our residents and it would be good to have the issue resolved quickly.
I have cc’d our local councillors to make sure they are aware of this issue hoping they may have an answer if you are not able to help us.

We look forward to your response.

Kind Regards


On behalf of the EARA Committee 

The broken wall

Just had an update.

My Highways officer tells me a grab lorry attended today, with the work order to remove the fallen brickwork, but could not achieve that as the parked cars were blocking the access. They have posted notices on the cars requesting space on Monday 14th and will re-attend to try again.

It seems we have finally got to the point where the material can be removed, its just the practicalities that are a final challenge.

Finally somethings moving – from Councillors Paul Zukowskyj & Duncan Bell

It’s all done, pathway now open:

With thanks to Paul and Duncan

December 2020