Quarry Update

Ellenbrook Quarry update:

Quarry between St Albans and Hatfield refused by county council due to loss of green space and concerns over carcinogenic compound

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“I would like to confirm that the decision notice has not been issued yet in respect of the application at Hatfield Aerodrome. We have been taking legal advice on how best to present the reasons for refusal, this is also in consideration of any potential appeal to set out the county council’s position. You are obviously aware that this is the trigger for the time period to start in relation to being able to submit any appeal, the 6 months you mention.
The applicant’s would have invested considerable resources in the application and I would not be surprised if an appeal was being considered by them. Appeals against the refusal of planning permissions are handled by the Planning Inspectorate, an agency acting on behalf of the Government. There is a notification system about appeals and timetables for replies which are dependent upon the type of appeal and the timetables are set by the Planning Inspectorate. The duty to notify consultees and anyone with an interest in the application being broadly anybody who we consulted on the application or who made representations is passed to the planning authority by the Planning Inspectorate and we carry out this task as instructed.
What will usually happen is that an appeal is submitted by the appellant and a copy of the appeal is also sent to the relevant planning authority, here the County Council. The Planning Inspectorate then have a validation process to go through. The County Council has to respond by filling in a questionnaire about details and also there are questions asked about what type of appeal is most appropriate. The Planning Inspectorate will then notify us that we need to write to people about the appeal and set out the timetable here.
I will keep in mind that you wish to be notified of any such appeal and could let you know when we get a copy of any appeal. If you want to keep in touch then that is probably the best way to make sure we pick this up for you.”

Brian Owen
Team Leader | Development Management | Spatial Planning | Environment & Infrastructure

Hertfordshire County Council