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Foodbank Donations​​ 


Two of our local children Emily & Bertie came up with a wonderful idea to collect​​ donations for the local foodbank who are assisting more families at this difficult time. Some of you may have had leaflets in your doors from the children and many have made very generous donations. You can see from the photos below the fantastic contributions that were made.​​ 




If anyone would like to donate to Hatfield Foodbank you can do so by dropping off on a Tuesday morning to:​​ 


Gracemead House,​​ 

Woods Avenue,​​ 


AL10 8HX​​ 


Or Emily & Bertie’s Mum Laura is happy​​ for you to drop off to her at Selwyn Crescent or she can collect from you. Please contact Laura at​​​​ 






Local Services​​ 


One of our residents is the founder of an artisan food brand called Marshall & Brown and has asked us to include these details with our local services updates.​​ 


“During this lockdown we have a great opportunity to be adventurous and explore authentic world cuisines. why not bring the sunshine into your lives by introducing the taste of the Caribbean. Marshall & Brown have a range of tantalising Jamaican Jerk House BBQ sauces with Jerk seasoning marinade, alongside a range of spicy sauces, that can be used on various meats, chicken, seafood or veg, followed by delightful Mama Brown moist Jamaican Rum cake, which come in 6 exotic flavours​​ 


We have created an essential collection for you to indulge in a little bit of paradise, order online and we deliver direct to your door.”​​​​ 


Tel    020 3303 0493​​ 




Ellenbrook Recreation Area​​ 


Whilst the government have slightly relaxed the rules regarding outdoor exercise please can we all be mindful that the OUTDOOR GYM & PLAY EQUIPMENT are still​​ not​​ to be used to as there is a risk​​ that children / adults using any of the equipment can pick up the virus from surfaces and spread it to other people.​​ 


Both of these areas have been closed off with caution tape and signs but unfortunately these have been removed and people have been using​​ the equipment.​​ 




Planning Application Luna / Fusion Students Accommodation​​ 




Household Re-cycling Site Opened for​​ Essential Visits Only​​ 


A limited number of Household Re-cycling sites have re-opened across the county​​ for essential visits only​​ the nearest ones open to here are Potters Bar or Stevenage. The websites do show approximate waiting times – which can be up to 2 hours apparently - so please check the website first:​​​​​​ 





Herts Police Updates​​ 



COVID-19 drive-through test centres​​ 


Our NHS partners have provided information about how to access Hertfordshire’s three pop-up COVID-19 drive-through test centres this weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.​​ 


The pop-up sites in Hertford (Saturdays), Watford (Sundays) and​​ Stevenage (Mondays) have been commissioned by local NHS organisations and are supported by the military. Testing at each site will open at 10am and run until 4pm. ​​ 


Information about the test criteria, together with an explanation of what to do if you meet the criteria for a test is included in the website​​​​ 




Pet Fraud Online and through Social Media​​ 


fraudsters are advertising puppies and kittens for sale on social media​​ platforms and selling platforms, including websites dedicated to pet sale.​​ 


The victim will be asked to pay a deposit to secure the purchase. The fraudsters will not let the pet be collected in person due to the lockdown and will insist on shipping the pet to the victim’s address.​​ 


After the initial payment has been made, more funds will be requested to cover delivery costs, pet insurance or vaccinations.​​ 


Each time the funds are sent another request will come.​​ 


Do your research - Before purchasing anything online, including pets, look up reviews for the site, or person you are buying from. If you are still not sure, ask a trusted friend or family member for their advice.​​ 


Trust your instinct - If you cannot physically go to see the animal in person, ask for a video call. If the seller declines, challenge them on why. If you have any suspicions, do not go ahead with the purchase.​​ 


Choose your payment method wisely – If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, avoid paying by bank transfer which offers​​ you little protection if you become a victim of fraud. Instead, use a credit card or a payment service such as PayPal.​​ 


If you fall victim to this scam, please report to​​​​ 


If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:​​​​ 






As always, stay safe and if there is anything relevant you would like us to include in our next update​​ please let us know.​​ 





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