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Hi All,
                                Continuation of Campaigns – Subscription request

Just Giving:

As you are aware the committee for EARA have been fighting several campaigns in recent months on resident’s behalf including:
            * Opposing the quarry on Ellenbrook Fields
            * Opposing the inclusion of a number of sites in the Ellenbrook area in the local plan ensuring that houses are not built on our precious green belt

We have also successfully secured funding for equipment for the new Ellenbrook playground and for the adult gym, football goals and basketball hoops in the field.

In order to continue to be effective on your behalf and to ensure that we have sufficient funds to cover expenses such as obtaining expert advice re the quarry proposals as mentioned below, printing, website costs and other incidental costs, we will be visiting residents to ask for a small contribution to enable our work on behalf of residents to continue.

We would ask if you could make a voluntary contribution, it is suggested a minimum contribution of £2 per household would give the committee the funds to proceed. We obviously try to keep costs to a minimum and use email for communication where possible and in fact the last household collection was over 8+ years ago.

To join the residents association either speak to one of our committee members or email to and I will add you to the database and circulation list for updates.

Further local information and about all our campaigns can be found on our website at

                                  A quick update on local issues – Feb 2020
Comet Hotel
We have negotiated for residents a 10% discount off the bill at the Element Bar and Grill, part of the Comet Hotel. They have just got a new chef and are looking at a new and improved menu. To get the discount just mention Ellenbrook residents and if they need the code it is “Ellenbrook 01/20”. We have met with the management and made some suggestions, one of which is the unwelcoming entrance to the car park, and the impression you have to pay to park, if you are attending the Hotel or bar, the car parking is actually free.

  Playground Ellenbrook Recreation Ground
At last a break in the weather has allowed the workmen to lay the final coating on the footpath and install the picnic benches, the park is finished. This has been a long and hard project where myself, the committee, Jill and Mike the station master have all worked hard to raise the funds required working closely with Carrie Lloyd, Hatfield Town Clerk, who has really helped with all the arrangements and grant funding. It looks like the hard work has paid off, hopefully it gives a great place for all of us to use and enjoy. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of you the residents who contributed, and funds raised at various activities and of course the corporate companies we talked into helping.

  Planning Issues locally
Well a busy few months have gone by and some good news at last re future plans for the surrounding area. Some of the committee have spent ages lobbying councillors and other influential people locally along with submitting lengthy and detailed objections to various proposals, these seem to have worked for now, and thanks to those who submitted their own objections, it all helps to preserve our little area and protect the small amount of green belt we have left.

  Hatfield Local Plan – Update
You may remember that back in 2019 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council put out a call for sites as part of the Local Plan (for housing development). Although rejected in 2016, owners of land resubmitted four sites in the Ellenbrook area for consideration again for housing development. These were Hat2 Ellenbrook Fields, Hat 3 bordering driveway to Nast Hyde House / Wilkins Green Lane, Hat 4 Wilkins Green Lane and Hat19 bordering driveway to Nast Hyde House and Bramble Road. EARA and many local residents submitted strong objections to the sites, and I am pleased to announce that all sites have again been rejected and will not be included in the local plan for development. The decision has been approved at the WHBC committees. WHBC also decided not to include the proposed development at Symonshyde despite it being approved in 2016.

This is great news for our area particularly as all four Ellenbrook sites were rejected during the initial work on the suitability of the sites by officers of the council.

However, the total number of dwellings in the new Local Plan falls short of the number that the planning inspector suggested for our borough, so we will have to wait and see if the proposed local plan is accepted.

  Quarry proposal on the old Hatfield Aerodrome – update
This came to Hertfordshire County Council Planning committee just before Xmas and the councillors refused to make a decision as they were not happy with the risk from the Bromate/Bromide pollution. They have asked for the Environment Agency, Affinity Water and Public Health England to attend and explain the level of risk posed.

We spoke at the last meeting and submitted a 1000+ signature petition, we have requested to speak at any future meeting. It is not expected to be heard now until March, but we will let you know as soon as it is listed again. A huge thanks again to those residents who attended the meeting and supported us, it really made the councillors sit up and listen.

We have been lucky to have a second opportunity to prevent the quarry and get our Country park set up, this time we had much more support by residents attending and the councillors were very aware of this. So, when it does come up again please try and attend to show the councillors the strength of feeling against this proposal, it may well be our last chance to influence the decision makers.

The developers have this week submitted further documents to support their case, we do not think it does, but it is very technical and we are talking to an expert in this field for advice. This expert is an academic and a practitioner in this field of work. He has provided an initial report which was read out at the last meeting, we think we need to get him to speak against the quarry at the next meeting, this will mean we have to pay for his time etc.

Thank you in advance for your support and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the committee by speaking to one of the committee or emailing

Let’s hope for a mild winter and I am already looking forwards to the Spring, the bulbs we planted on the Alban way are already sprouting, if they survive the cold snap it will look lovely up there.

Kindest regards


On Behalf of all the EARA Committee.