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Comments on Quarry consultation - Application Ref No 5/0394-16

I strongly object to the planning application to quarry on Ellenbrook Fields for the following reasons:

  • Ellenbrook Fields was promised to residents as a country park 20​​ years ago, under a Section 106 agreement. The Country Park Trust must be set up before any planning application is considered to protect this valuable resource from being quarried or built on.

  • The council should not be allowed to renege on this agreement.​​ If this application goes ahead it is unlikely that the Country Park will ever materialise.

  • The proposed quarry site is right next to a bromate plume, a known carcinogen, which is the largest known contamination in Europe. We strongly object to such a​​ high-risk​​ operation taking place so close to the plume.

  • To quarry so close to the plume is an unacceptable risk to our health and environment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set a limit of 10 micrograms​​ bromate​​ in one litre of drinking water.​​ 

    • Known readings​​ within​​ 67.5m of the​​ quarry perimeter show levels 9 times greater than the WHO levels

    • Known readings​​ within 526m of the​​ quarry​​ perimeter​​ show readings 56​​ times greater than the WHO levels

  • The information recently supplied by the applicant is already 6 months out of date. We believe that informed decisions should only be made with clear, up to date information.

  • We are concerned about the quarry may have potentially catastrophic effects on the public water supply and do not believe that any risk to the water supply should be taken.

  • We believe that an independent investigation should be carried out by qualified experts in this field to assess the risk of quarrying so close to a bromate plume before any planning applications are considered

  • We do not believe that cumulative impact of having three quarry sites in one area (Hatfield) has been fairly assessed. We believe that this is an unfair concentration of mineral works in one small area of the​​ county. ​​ 

  • It is unclear to us as residents​​ why Hertfordshire County Council is so keen to go ahead with such a high risk venture when there are other viable alternatives elsewhere in the county with lower risk​​ and the quarry at Bengeo was dismissed due to possible contamination, which was less of​​ a risk than this application.

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