Welwyn Hatfield Times

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From: Ellenbrook Area Residents Association EARA <info@ellenbrookresidents.org>
To: Charlotte.McLaughlin@archant.co.uk
Date: 31 August 2019 at 08:55
Subject: Clarification on article re Bromnate Plume

Hi Charlotte.

I have just read your article regarding the proposed quarry and bromate plume at the old Hatfield Aerodrome.

I just wanted to clarify that the EARA’s contention is that process of quarrying could move the Bromate Plume laterally and contaminate the water that is the source used for our drinking water and flows through the dig site to the water pumping stations. This would render the source water unusable and potentially close the two remaining local water pumping stations.

Due to the monitoring that Affinity Water do at these water pumping stations we do not fear contaminated water ever getting into the public water system and coming out of our taps. Your article could be wrongly interpreted as that.

The fear is the serious consequences of losing this valuable and according to both Affinity Water and the Environment agency media releases recently, a scarce and diminishing resource. This has the potential to close the local water pumping stations and requiring water to be obtained from elsewhere, which as both organisations have said is getting more difficult to source. The loss could be both environmental and financial.

Hope this helps clear up our concerns.


On Behalf of EARA