Demand to Hertfordshire County Council to update the information and recommendations the Planning Committee will hear in regard to the old Hatfield Quarry Application

John Jackson present this petition on behalf of the Ellenbrook Area Residents Association to the (DCC) Development Control Committee on Thursday, 27 June 2019

 ‘Demand to Hertfordshire County Council to update the information and recommendations the Planning Committee will hear in regard to the old Hatfield Quarry Application’

“We believe that important council decisions such as the application to quarry the old Hatfield Aerodrome should be supported with accurate, up to date and independently validated information”

I​​ present this petition​​ on behalf of the​​ 

Ellenbrook Area Residents​​ Association​​ 

a non-political organisation​​ 

that has been in existence for​​ over​​ 25​​ years.​​ 

All​​ our submissions are circulated to the residents​​ 

for their comments to ensure​​ 

we represent their​​ views.​​ 

We are supported in this petition by both​​ 

Marshalswick North and​​ 

Smallford Residents Associations.

We believe that important council decisions​​ 

such as the application​​ to quarry the old Hatfield Aerodrome​​ 

should be supported​​ 

  • with accurate​​ 

  • up to date​​ and​​ 

  • independently validated​​ information. ​​ 

When informed that this application​​ to quarry​​ may be heard today we checked the planning portal and could not find​​ 

  • an updated traffic survey​​ 

  • flood risk document and still no Health Impact Assessment in existence.


The​​ traffic flow​​ 

has greatly​​ increased​​ since​​ the existing​​ 2014​​ survey​​ 

and the flood risk​​ assessment​​ 

does not take into account new and proposed housing developments close by which will remove​​ 

a significant amount of​​ the​​ porous​​ land in the surrounding area.​​ 

Air quality,​​ 

especially for the children walking to school,​​ 

from​​ increased​​ particulates​​ due to​​ idling engines​​ 

has not been​​ re-evaluated​​ currently,​​ 

yet alone​​ modelled​​ with the extra traffic that will be present​​ 

as and when the following​​ developments impact,


Therefore, the information we understand

​​ being used to make recommendations to you​​ 

and on which you will be asked to decide​​ this application

is​​ out of date.​​ ​​ 


Since 2014-16​​ when the initial work​​ by planning​​ 

was carried out,​​ huge​​ changes​​ 

have occurred​​ in this​​ small and localised area​​ 

of St Albans and Hatfield​​ which​​ were​​ not part

​​ of the information considered​​ 

during the DCC​​ hearing​​ back​​ in Jan 2017.​​ 


these​​ numerous Developments either​​ 

  • recently completed,​​ 

  • currently under construction,​​ 

  • proposed in local plans or​​ 

  • have submitted planning applications.​​ ​​ 


  • All​​ use the​​ A1057​​ 

  • a​​ single carriage road

  • and​​ the​​ surrounding roads​​ that​​ border​​ 

  • St Albans and Hatfield,​​ in and around​​ 

  • the​​ Smallford and Ellenbrook​​ Area’s,​​ 

  • and Include



  • The Sandpit Lane development,​​ 

  • Development on the playing fields of Beaumont School,​​ 

  • A completed development at Ellenbrook Meadows,

  • The redevelopment and expansion of the Comet Hotel​​ including more student accommodation

​​ Commercial Developments​​ these include the​​ Further expansion of

  • the Hatfield Business Park,​​       

with​​ several​​ newly constructed buildings and new businesses including​​ 

    • a private hospital,​​ 

    • Range Rover/Jaguar/McLaren car site,​​ 

  • Glinwells in Smallford, including more greenhouses

    • ​​ increasing production and capacity resulting in​​ 

    • more staff​​ and HGV​​ movements​​ on the A1057,​​ 

    • and now a Farm Shop which has bought new traffic from customers all day​​ long.

  • Pearce recycling,     

    • we now get huge dumper trucks​​ 

    • going back and forwards all day long,​​  

    • this has significantly increased​​ HGV traffic​​ on this single carriage road.

  • Cemex​​ -​​ ​​ 

    • several​​ additional quarries​​ in this small​​ location,​​ 

    • all which are served by the current site and​​ 

    • its entrance in Oaklands Lane​​ and onto the A1057

Proposed developments in Local plans or

​​ with planning applications submitted​​ 

  • Stanboroughbury

  • Symondshyde

  • Ellenbrook Fields


All of these developments surround the site of the​​ 

proposed quarry by Bretts Aggregates and​​ 

further​​ impact upon the infrastructure of the area.​​ 


It should be​​ noted​​ that the​​ recent​​ 

A414 Corridor​​ Consultation​​ Document

acknowledged​​ that this part of the A1057

​​ is heavily congested and​​ is at or near capacity,​​ 

  • without​​ taking into account​​ the​​ huge​​ increase of​​ both HGV, LGV and domestic​​ traffic from the​​ developments​​ I’ve mentioned,​​ 

  • This does not sit with the sustainable transport policy

Another major concern for residents is the bromate plume on the Aerodrome site.​​ 


  • The​​ largest chemical spillage​​ in Europe,​​ 

  • poses a real and serious threat to our​​ drinking water supplies,​​ ​​ 

  • has closed the Hatfield water pumping station

As you​​ no doubt​​ already know​​ for​​ the​​ past​​ 10 years​​  ​​​​ a remedial plan by the EA has tried to remove the Bromate from the water course,​​ 

so far,​​ these​​ efforts have failed​​ 

to realise any significant reduction​​ 

in the amount of this carcinogen​​ being​​ detected,​​ 

now​​ the​​ bromate​​ plume​​ threatens other water pumping stations in this area.

Following a​​ recent​​ EA​​ consultation​​ there is​​ ongoing​​ work to create​​ a new remedial plan,​​ which we were asked and have, contributed to.​​ 

This should be allowed to report back before any decisions are made on​​ this​​ land​​ affected by the​​ plume.​​ 

The EA’s own work shows​​ that the bromate plume has now contaminated​​ part of the​​ proposed dig site,​​ 

yet the​​ Water​​ management plan​​ from the applicant​​ does not include current​​ water​​ bore hole​​ data,​​ 


This has been requested​​ of them​​ since​​ 

December 2018​​ 

yet not provided​​ to us or the EA.​​ 


The onus must be on the applicants​​ 

to prove it is not​​ now​​ contaminated​​ land,​​ 

yet you are expected to make decisions​​ 

without this information being made​​ 

available and​​ public.​​ 


We are asking you the Councillors to insist that the​​ 

  • planning office, and ​​ 

  • the relevant agencies including​​ the Environment​​ Agency and Highways​​ 

all prepare their recommendations to DCC on the true current position.


This will empower​​ you,​​ 

the members of the​​ DCC,​​ 

who are elected to​​ 

represent and to act​​ 

in​​ the interests​​ 

of Hertfordshire and all its​​ residents,​​ 

to make a​​ well-informed​​ decision in relation to the Brett Aggregates application​​ 


Residents feel very strongly about this application​​ 

and are passionate about the preservation of​​ 

this area and​​ 

the impact this development will have on the health and well-being of residents.​​ 


161 signatures were obtained in a matter of days in order to present this petition demonstrating the strength of feeling in the area.


We ask you to seriously consider our petition and act accordingly.


Thank you