Stage 5 of the hearing sessions are scheduled to take place in the Council Chamber at the Welwyn Hatfield Council offices on Tuesday 6 November and Wednesday 7 November 2018 (reserve day) 

These hearing sessions are to examine the Green Belt Study Stage 3 (EX88) and will not include discussion of individual site allocations. Additional hearing sessions for site allocations will be arranged later in the examination.



Report by:

Margaret Eames-Petersen (FSS, FRSPH, MSc, DLSHTM, PGCE, BSc)

County Councillor for Hatfield North

“I managed today, to hi- light how important Ellenbrook Country park was to residents… and long awaited – as the only large public park for Hatfield promised 17 years ago.

Arlingtons were not here today so no one contested what I said. … The parcel p46 representing ECP   is only red (mod harm to release from GB) rather than brown (very high harm to release) on the map of parcels of GB which LUC (land use consultants) had produced for today as the ” Review of all Green Belt in welhat ” for possible development.


I met Simon Chivers briefly and Colin Haig and asked that members of the ECP trust could be nominated even if the Trust document is not perfect yet.


The housing cabinet will get Sue Tovey and Colin Haig’s summary of the PI over the last 2 days and next steps of the local plan on Dec 13th.  They are not considering HAT2 yet.


We had to wait until the very end of today to hear what the Inspector really thought which appeared to be good news!


THE INSPECTOR finally heard the strength of feeling against Symondshyde.in the last 2 days. He  then said ..WHBC would need to find housing within current settlements …and look at every option before  ” creating a new settlement” within the Greenbelt .without any urban-edge ..which would totally change the boundary of the Greenbelt.


So, He will review the plan w/o it …and then possibly consider it in exceptional circumstances”


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