10 Questions for extra housing on EF


Following our discussion at the Fielder Centre 24th September. I have a few questions that we would like to address:


  1. This land (Hat2) was part of the land assigned by a Sec 106 agreement to provide the community an open space granted via the planning permission re the building you have done on the land at the Business Park/Salisbury village, that is the whole of the land i.e. some 400+ acres, currently known as Ellenbrook Fields. This section would then be lost to us forever, the quarry removes a large proportion of the remainder for some 32 years, so where is the Country park for the local community now, bearing in mind it was granted back in 1999.

  2. When will the Trust be finally setup and what has happened to the £2.1M – this is to provide for the running & maintenance of the country park.

  3. How do you justify taking green belt away, this land is green belt acting as a buffer between St Albans, Welwyn, & Hatfield?  While the quarry is in operation, we will lose all access to these open spaces. The quarry is an open plan site using dumper trucks, pipes, pumps, and deep lagoons – pedestrian access will be restricted – nearby Lafarge Aggregates Tyttenhanger site is a prime example.

  4. Are you allowed to build on contaminated land?  The proposed site crosses one of the highest levels of bromate plume in Europe. Levels on excess of 1000µg/l are detected by the Environmental Agency. This means that water from wells or water from the aquifer must not be consumed – WHO 10µg/l limit.  Disturbance to the lower mineral horizon & chalk aquifer will cross contaminate  the upper aquifer and spread the groundwater in different directions.

  5. How will you rectify the situation with transport?  Of the 1100 homes then ¾ will own a second car, so the 1925 cars will have two access points – Albatross Way & Astwick Manor. The local roads & roundabouts will not take this kind of traffic in the future. The cumulative impact of traffic with other developments & quarries in the area has not been properly accessed.

  6. How will you manage the water management & flood risk?  Historically the whole site has a flood problem, with the land sloping towards the South East. The only river carrying this water is the Ellenbrook, it rises at Astwick Manor flowing in a southerly direction through balancing ponds then under the A1057 roundabout (74m ASL) to meet the river Colne. The area along its banks is already classified as a flood risk. The development will increase the risk of flooding with extra rainfall run-off and drainage. How will you give local residents confidence in your plan?

  7. This development is not in the local plan and was originally rejected by Welwyn Hatfield council. So what has changed?

  8. Can you express the quality of the design of the new village?

  9. Can you also comment on the Ellenbrook roundabout and access to the business park – buses only?

  10. Finally what length of time do you envisage this project taking?


We are waiting for a response

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