Ellenbrook Area Residents Association covers 15 streets within the local area.
Ashbury Close, Bramble Road,  Brookside,  Crossbrook,  Ellenbrook Crescent,  Ellenbrook Lane,  Haltside,  Poplars Avenue,  Poplars Close,  Selwyn Ave,  Selwyn Crescent,  Selwyn Drive,
St Albans Road West, The Sidings and Wilkins Green Lane.

This new website helps to update all the information and events going on in the Ellenbrook area. Some sections are interactive and we would like to hear from you on your favourite topics.

Dear Signatories,
You have recently signed a petition to save Ellenbrook fields on the i-petition site, in order to make your signature count at Herts County Council please read on as we now urgently need your help to make it count.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to support the preservation of this open space, the first country park in Hatfield and our only publicly accessible open space. With your help we may be able to ensure that Arlington keep to their promise to keep this area open and free to use for residents and visitors to the area.

We have done so well as a community to reach over 1000 signatures, we have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that these are submitted in the most effective way to the Council.  However Herts County Council have now told us that, in order for your signatures to be counted, they need to have proof of where you live, as they will only consider signatures from people who live or work in Hertfordshire.  The original petition site cannot do this.

This leads us to ask for two more requests from you:

1. We have now set up a complimentary petition through Herts County Council’s own website in order to ensure that we meet all of their criteria, and ask if you could please spend 5 more minutes registering and then signing the petition.  This is the most secure way for us to manage this requirement as your details will only be visible to the HCC Petitions administrators.  You can find this link here:
You will need to set up a user name (your email) & password to enable you to log-in, and then SIGN to save the St Albans and Hatfield Country Park at Ellenbrook Fields.
For easy pictorial guide click on:   login info

2. Local Mineral Plan – We have also been advised that another really effective way to get our message across is to comment on the Local Mineral Plan, as all responses to this will be read and taken into consideration, when they are deciding whether to quarry this area or not.  This is one of a few potential sites (identified as SS1), so if we can convince the Council that sites elsewhere are more viable (which is true) then we can put a stop to the quarrying.  There are some great comments on the original petition website:
which could give you some inspiration for a comment!  The consultation closes on the 22nd March 2019 so time is of the essence!  You can find the link to this here:



For further information on this and other local topics and to keep up to date with all what’s going on please see our website: 

Thank you so much, in advance, for your help with this.  Together, we can really push for change!


On Behalf of the Ellenbrook Area Residents Association (EARA) Committee

Please remember we are only local residents trying to preserve our community and environment for future generations and have no political affiliation.

General Data Protection Regulations

Due to changes in the Data Protection legislation it is necessary for us to have your consent for Ellenbrook Area Residents Association (EARA) to have and hold securely your contact details for the sole purposes of EARA business and communicating with you. It is never passed to a third party nor used for any other purpose than that of the EARA keeping you in touch. If you no longer wish to receive communications from EARA then send a message to info@ellenbrookresidents.org and your details will be deleted.

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